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Originally Aired - Monday, October 30 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM PT

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Location: S233


Kick off SEMA week at the IDEAS Collide Showcase; a one-of-a-kind event featuring 10 fast-paced presentations designed to stimulate thought, innovation, and resolution of business challenges with thought leaders both in and out of the industry. Audience members will be intrigued by individuals and topics that seek to rattle the status quo with ambitious ideas that could have a transformative effect on the industry and your business.

The session will feature:

A Health Plan Your Employees Can Love: Fantasy or Within Reach?
Ben Simmons | Chief Strategy Officer, Gravie

Consumers have become accustomed to a very low bar in terms of seeing value in their health benefits. Add to that the low expectations people have for a positive experience using their benefits, and it's easy to see why the public views health coverage as a necessary evil. But what if there were a way to offer a health plan that combines access to benefits people actually use with a customer experience that prioritizes ease and simplicity--while also reducing premium and claim expenses? Now that's a health plan everyone can love.

Learn how one industry disruptor has been successful innovating in one of the most challenging industries in the nation, and learn how its flagship health plan is creating benefits its members and employer customers love.

Culture: The real job market currency
Michael Bradshaw | Vice President, K&M Collision

Establishing and building a winning, team centric culture is the key to success in todays ultra-competitive collision repair landscape. Learn how to instill a winning culture that encourages growth, provides increased productivity and makes you stand out as the employer of choice in your market.

Being burdened with the burden of proof
Richard Desvousges | Application Engineering Specialist, 3M Collision

Validating how a vehicle is repaired isn’t as easy as it used to be with new vehicle designs and technology taking hold. The steps to research repairs to the OEM standard, capture repair procedures and document repair costs can be time consuming. As insurers continue to handle claims virtually, body shops and their staff are being burdened with a burden of proof. Recent trends are moving towards 1:1 ratio of technicians to estimators to document proper repair procedures. Let’s discuss how to capture procedures, validate safe repairs, and ease the burden of proof in the body shop.

Mentoring: Opportunity Amidst Labor Crisis
Ryan Weber | CEO, Mentor Mentee
Marc Brune | Business Development Manager, Mentor Mentee

Enough talking – the technician shortage is here, and each day grows more severe. On-the-job training, mentoring, and entry-level technicians are tools to consider when evaluating options. To succeed you need a plan on “how” to achieve long-term success. Learn about assessing the right people for your program (from managers to mentees), developing technician specific career paths, how to set actionable goals using task lists, and how to build engagement with your mentors.

Death of the “Estimator” role
Andrew Batenhorst | Body Shop Manager, Pacific BMW Collision Center

Get a sneak peek into the IDEA behind Tuesday’s full course on the “Death of the Estimator role.” Batenhorst teases solutions to transition away from a now-antiquated job role that he marks as an obstruction to accurate, safe, comprehensive repair planning. Gain perspective on why you might consider implementing a shift from estimating to more thorough repair planning, and insight into the takeaways promised in the 90-minute session later in the week.

Growth through Acquisition - What you need to know
Bing Wong | Managing Partner, Collision Builders

Our session explores the key things body shop operators need to know when considering growing their business through an acquisition. Attendees will leave the session having a better understanding of the following:

1. Benefits of growing through acquisition
2. What to look for in a potential target
3. How much should you pay for a shop
4. Top tips on deal structure
5. 3 things to avoid when buying a shop

The Power of One more Booth Cycle per day
Jason Garfoot | Application Engineer, 3M Collision

People have the tendency to over complicate paint shop efficiency. Learn what paint booth efficiency really means and how to maximize the efficiency of your paint booth cycles. Learn the massive gains you can achieve by getting one more booth cycle per day.

The Culture Code
Tracy Dombrowski | Director of Training, Collision Advice

Why do certain organizations become greater than the sum of their parts while other groups fall short? This session aims to answer this question based on concepts presented in the Culture Code by Daniel Coyle and applied to the collision repair industry. Organizations can develop a healthy group culture that promotes interconnection, teamwork, and consistency by focusing on three foundational concepts: safety, vulnerability, and purpose. Learn the key attributes and benefits of each concept, the consequences of ignoring them and how to implement them in your workplace.

Creating a Build Sheet for Your Garage Liability Insurance
Shaughn Kennedy | Senior Underwriter, SPARK Underwriters

Sometimes what you don't know can hurt your business. Do not let your Garage Liability Insurance be one! Learn how to create a "Build Sheet" of the core coverages needed to protect you collision repair business.

1. Provide a core understanding of required coverages needed for a collision repair business.
2. To understand insurance distribution and how it effects your ability to get coverage.
3. Being your own advocate to make sure you know your risks exposures and have the correct coverage limits.
4. Avoid common pitfalls, and
5. Determine if you need optional coverages

Fixing the faucet: How to increase the flow of technicians into the industry
Alex Crays | Auto body instructor, Career Technical Education Center

Solving the technician shortage starts at the source and creating an alignment with the next generation of entrants into the industry. We need to build a culture of technology-minded auto enthusiasts, at both the education and industry level who relate to the ever-changing and highly rewarding career they are about to embark on in the collision industry. Alex will share his experience as an auto body instructor deeply involved in fostering talent in young men and women who are interested in the industry and the strategies he’s learned to foster interest and growth at the local level. This presentation will help your shop and your community contribute to the industry for the betterment of the next generation of workers in America.

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